Dipole arrays

For precision imaging at ultra-high field, multi-channel arrays of radiative dipole antennas1,2 provide an optimal solution. We offer dipole arrays for different imaging targets. Dipoles have proven to be a good choice to be integrated with high density receive loop arrays for accelerated imaging. Previous solutions have been successfully applied in cardiac imaging3, prostate imaging4, breast imaging5, and brain imaging6. We have extensive experience with safety validation of dipole antennas at ultrahigh field (7T and 10.5T).

Current portfolio of dipole array coils:

Dipole body array
Imaging target: abdomen, heart, prostate
Geometry: flexible leather former
Tx channels: 8
Rx channels: 8-64
Field strengths: 3T, 7T, 10.5T and beyond

Dipole breast array
Imaging target: breast
Geometry: rigid former, prone position
Tx channels: 5, can be modified for single Tx mode
Rx channels: 30
Field strength: 7T and 10.5T (MIRACLE project FETOPEN)

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